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Taylor Castro, a Florida raised, young talent with an explosively rising career has released her first album titled "Pure" with a collection of eleven tracks. Taylor’s voice is beautifully melodic and perfect for the ballads she performs with musical perfection. Her first album “PURE” consists of original songs, co-written with Willy Perez-FeriaRudy Perez and Kyng David encompassing a unified theme of embracing personal strengths while living a life of love. The album features songs included in three separate motion pictures seen on Lifetime & LMN and assorted movie streaming platforms. 

“Pure” finds Taylor exploring issues of love, strength, and supporting others in a collection filled with beautiful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The songs all speak to core emotions and issues she believes in. Taylor is an insightful humanitarian with a heart as big as her powerful voice.

The song “Be Strong” exemplifying Taylor’s guiding principles is featured in the motion picture, “Boyfriend Killer,” seen on Lifetime and LMN. The song “I Got You”was included in the multiple award winning, motion picture “Girlfriend Killer” also seen on Lifetime & LMN.

The songs “Don’t Know What To Say,” “Ballad Of When We Danced,” and “Heart of Mine” were performed by Taylor while acting in a leading role within the motion picture “Dream Killer,” set to be released first quarter of 2019.


Her talent was recognized by Los Angeles Film Awards and Actors Awards as Taylor Castro received Winner of Best Young Actress Award for her role in “Dream Killer” and “Marriage Killer.” Her stage presence is memorable, and yet she maintains a “girl next door” approachability in spite of Taylor’s immense talent portrayed both as an actress and singer. This young artist is one to watch as her star continues to rise!


Michelle Martinez, a Florida raised, Cuban-American singer of immense, soulful talent released a new album entitled #Not Broken." The album features several songs included in two awards winning motion pictures "Killer Island," and "Dream Killer."

Michelle graduated from Cypress Bay High School where she was part of the Broward All County Honor Choir and American Musical Theatre (AMT). She was signed to PMA Records in 2016 and is poised for success having just released her first album, her original songs included in motion pictures, and Michelle recently experienced her first on-screen performance in "Dream Killer."

Michelle Martinez has a persevering spirit and an intoxicating, sultry voice to win the hearts of her audiences. Her first released album, “Not Broken” includes four songs with lyrics written by Michelle with the goal of inspiring women within their own paths of personal growth and realization of self-worth. Her heart is as powerfully big as her singing voice, certain to mesmerize her listeners.

Included in Michelle’s album of four new songs, “Not Broken” are lyrics of the heart with the purpose of embracing emotions, and finding personal power in the honest moments of the soul.  Songs included are “Not Broken,” “Soul Dancing,” “Never Again,” and “You Are My Wings.”


Anyone looking for an experience of encouragement should include the beautiful sounds of Michelle Martinez’ music.


The song “Still Standing” included in Miguel’s album of four new songs, “STILL STANDING” is a celebrated example of an urban sound, delivered with an energy and passion certain to resonate with his audience. The song was written by Miguel Fasa as he looked in the rearview mirror at his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse, and the power of overcoming it to be “Still Standing.”

Miguel expresses, “I wanted “Still Standing” to be a battle song for all of those still going through the struggle, and for those who just got out. My goal for the video was to pump people up and get them excited to chase what they really want. It's about being able to take a knockout punch from life, and then get back up with a grin, learning from the experience. There's nothing that can keep you down and no obstacle you can't overcome as long as you're “Still Standing.”


Miguel has focused his energy toward building his music and acting career, while inspiring his audience to look within and realize the power to be even more.  His positive attitude and talent are simply infectious. 


An additional treat for fans within this album is the song “I Feel So Alive” delivered with atmospheric beats, and Miguel’s seamlessly spun vocal repertoire. The song is included in the motion picture, “Dream Killer,” to be released first quarter of 2019 in which Miguel Fasa just won Best Supporting Actor for his leading role at the Los Angeles Actors Awards Film Festival!


Miguel Fasa, was named Semi Finalist for Best Music Video, “I Feel So Alive,” in the LA Film Awards, November 2018, from his new album “STILL STANDING.”  


Carson Rowland is an American famed star who recognized for his recurring role as Carson Rowland on the Nickelodeon’s science-fiction and comedy series “I Am Frankie”. He gained recognition early in her career, when he was cast as Riley Sturgis in the teen Paranormal Web Series “Tweet: The Series”. In 2018, he played the major role of Chris in the Kendall Vertes starred family drama film “Trico Tri Happy Halloween”.